Jo Gallant, Textile Artist


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 This is a selection of one-off pieces I have made in the past.

Before the Forest by Jo Gallant
Before the Forest   -   £0

Hospital Chapel by Jo Gallant
Hospital Chapel   -   £0

Moorland by Jo Gallant
Moorland   -   £0

Oil by Jo Gallant
Oil   -   £0

Silver Birches by Jo Gallant
Silver Birches   -   £0

Thorntree by Jo Gallant
Thorntree   -   £0

Vessels 01 by Jo Gallant
Vessels 01   -   £0

Vessels 02 by Jo Gallant
Vessels 02   -   £0

Vessels 03 by Jo Gallant
Vessels 03   -   £0

Hospital Chapel by Jo Gallant

Hospital Chapel


A commission for textile panels for the Chapel at Royal Glamorgan Hospital, Llantrisant, South Wales, Client: Artworks Wales
A set of textile pieces for a chapel in a brand new hospital serving a wide and varied catchment area.  Based on elements of light and water as being strong positive symbols in most religions, the panels on either side of the altar (60x160cm) consist of strips of rippling silk in front of dyed linen.  In the south facing window is a set of three panels in white linen with small ripple shaped windows of cotton organza creating a dappled light effect in the room.